Frequently Asked Questions

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LineCast is a video surveillance app for Android with enhanced privacy and anonymity.

In this article we answer commonly asked questions from our users.

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App usage

What software do I need on my computer to connect to the camera?

No specific software is needed. You only need a modern web browser like Firefox or Chrome. The browser enables you to watch live and recorded videos, control the camera remotely, and use two-way audio, simply by following a link provided by the app.

Do I need to keep my phone display on / keep the app in the foreground / keep the phone unlocked during video capture?

No, none of this is necessary.

Do you have a motion detection feature?

Yes, LineCast has a motion detection feature. When motion is detected, you’ll receive a push notification on your web browser. Simply connect to the camera and press the motion detection button under the live stream to enable it.

Can I use LineCast to connect to a security camera?

LineCast is not designed for that purpose. Instead, it allows you to use your Android phone or tablet as a security camera.

About the free plan

Is there a free trial?

We offer a free plan with no time limit. You can use it indefinitely, but there are some limitations on video quality and network bandwidth. No ads included.

What are the free usage limits?

The primary limit is a daily data cap of 300 MB. Additionally, there are restrictions on video resolution, bitrate, and download speed. These measures are to maintain service quality while offering LineCast for free.

What are free video quality limits?

For free plan users, the maximum video quality is a vertical frame size of 720 pixels and a maximum bitrate of 1 Mbps. Purchased options remove these limits, and video quality depends on network bandwidth and the camera’s capabilities.

What is the daily data limit?

For free plan users, the camera can send up to 300 MB of data per 24 hours. This is typically sufficient for about half an hour of video footage.

Can I use my iPhone?

Yes, you can connect to your camera from any device, including iPhone. However, please note that we currently only support Android phones as camera devices.


What personal information do you actually collect?

We only transmit video and audio from the camera device to viewers. We do not collect or store your email, phone number, name, IMEI, or any other personal information.

Can someone else connect to my camera?

Only if you share the access link and camera password with that person. If you enable two-factor authentication, only people with access to the phone generating security codes can connect to the camera.

Can someone spy on me using LineCast?

No, LineCast displays a notification in the system tray of your phone when it is being used as a camera. This is a security requirement from Android, providing you with a clear indication of the camera’s activity.

I forgot my camera password. Can I get it somehow?

No, the password is only stored on the camera itself. We don’t have access to it for security reasons. You can start a new capture session on the camera device with a new password


Do you send a lot of promotional push-notifications?

No, we do not send any promotional push-notifications. We don’t employ typical app marketing techniques, such as serving ads in the free version or upselling through notifications.

How can I leave feedback?

You can leave feedback by writing a review on Google Play or sending us an email. We value your feedback and use it to improve LineCast. When leaving a public review on Google Play, please provide constructive details to help us better understand your suggestions.